Global Value Chain Predictions Article

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Global Value Chain Predictions Article

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The supply chain management has increasingly become a crucial part of the business strategies used by organizations today. Businesses have found the need to use effective and efficient supply chains to enhance their market share. An effective supply chain is highly crucial in enhancing strong customer relationships hence strengthening the brand loyalty. With consumers’ expectations growing each day, supply chain managers have a task of ensuring that consumers’ needs are fully and timely met. They have to consider the best ways of meeting the changing customer needs. For example, in the past years, consumers were more willing to wait for deliveries for close to or more than a week’s time. However, that has changed and consumers would prefer to receive their deliveries on the same day. Changes in consumer demands, coupled with several other factors in the business environment have been a key to the several trends observed in the global supply chain. The trends in the supply chain in the next five years would largely be shaped by the changing consumer experiences as well as the rapid growth of e-commerce. (Christopher, 2016).
One of the most likely supply chain trends in the next five years is the digitization of the supply chain. With the latest advancements in technology and communication, there is an increased need to incorporate the latest technology solutions to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain. Supply chain managers …

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