Global organizations

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Global organizations

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Global Organizations
The manner in which people behave in a social setup is different from the way they behave in the workplace. A number of factors influence how people behave at the workplace including the company’s culture, policies, structures and effectiveness of management. All these factors led to the rise of the discipline of organizational behavior to help managers better understand how to manage and motivate employees. It is, therefore, important for managers to understand the concepts of organizational behavior and their application especially in light of the emerging trend of globalization as this will help them offer solutions and have a deeper understanding of today’s organizations in a variety of ways.
First, as a result of globalization, companies are no longer limited to one geographical region. Consequently, the manager’s role is evolving with the expansion of companies across national and regional borders. For instance, car manufacturing company Volkswagen assembles its cars in Mexico despite having its head office in Germany. Other car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have also outsourced their operations to South Africa. In the wake of this reality, managers have to deal with obstacles such as language barrier, unfamiliar laws, new cultures and work ethics. However, managers who have a proper understanding of organizational behavior can remain flexible and proactive which allows them to address such challenges that com…

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