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Global markets
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Many companies that operate globally have various methods of collecting information for general market, and sales potential before venturing their business in a foreign country. Each country has three common markets that usually operate locally with the powers to purchase goods and services. It is advisable for any business person who is interested in venturing into a foreign country to first identify and establish some goals and motivation behind the idea to enter the global market. A company needs to research well on the targeted market. Otherwise, the business will fail. If a company wants to become a global business, it is good to study well the three markets as they are paramount when it comes to sales reflections. Proper planning is the most important thing before starting a company at a global level. The business world is very competitive and this is the main reason why most companies fail to make an impact.
Keywords: Global, market, business, goods, and services.
Setting up a business in a foreign country is very tricky and challenging. When introducing a company into a foreign country, it is very important to analyze well all the market potential available. The three common markets are government, industrial and consumer markets.
Consumer markets
Consumer markets entail collecting vital information about country dem…

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