Global Health Issues Revised

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Global Health Issues Revised

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International Impact of Obesity, Tobacco, and HIV/AIDS International Impact of Obesity, Tobacco, and HIV/AIDS- MMT
Is the United States Part of the Problem or the Solution?
Regarding global health issues, the United States is part of the problems in concerns such as obesity. Indeed, Thompson and Foster (2014) note that dietary intake patterns among Americans are staggering as more people are consuming unhealthy foods. According to World Obesity (2018), obesity rates in the U.S are the highest in the world with 37.9% and 41.5% of men and women respectively being obese between 2015 and 2016. However, the United States is part of the solution regarding tobacco usage. According to Pbert, Jolicoeur, Hayes, and Ockene (2014), the United States has implemented tobacco cessation programs through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Overall, these strategies have led to a significant decrease of 50% of tobacco usage; other countries having a problem with the same issue can learn from the U.S. Indeed, the U.S also has national objectives and agencies to ensure tobacco control (World Health Organizations, 2017). Moreover, the other global health issue that the U.S is part of the solution is HIV/AIDS; the rates of diagnosis of the condition have generally declined. However, there are still individuals in the U.S who engage in risky sexual behaviors such as not using condoms (Rhodes, Wilkin, Abraham, & Bachman, 2014). Generally, the U.S is part of the problem on obesity…

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