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Glei and Goldman

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Limitations in Glei and Goldman Research
How to View Pregnancy-Related Care in Guatemala
The article titled Understanding Ethnic Variation in Pregnancy-related Care in Rural Guatemala was published in the year 2000 by Noreen Goldman and Dana A Glei. The article is facilities, socioeconomic factors and other control variables on the ethnic variations in prenatal care in rural Guatemala (Glei & Goldman, 2000). The researchers wanted to identify the factors that influenced care-related decision making among pregnant women in four rural communities, and how choices varied among the three groups of indigenous women compared to their ladino counterparts. They also sought to confirm and account for previous study findings which showed that indigenous mothers were most likely to depend on midwives while ladino women preferred biomedical care. Using quantitative data obtained by the Guatemalan Survey of Family Health comprising of 2,872 participants aged 18 to 35, the researchers studied trends in sourcing for pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care subject to determined independent and control variables. Through quantitative analysis, the researchers evaluated data depending on two factors (a) the nature of care received; and (b) the location of the birth. The findings demonstrate that there is a significant ethnic difference in how women source pregnancy-related care, with sociocultural factors having the most significant impact in decision-making, and midwiv…

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