Glacial periods “Nebraskan, Kansan, Illinoian, and Wisconsin

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Glacial periods “Nebraskan, Kansan, Illinoian, and Wisconsin

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Glacial Periods “Nebraskan, Kansan, Illinoian, and Wisconsin.”
The Glacial period represents a geological age that was having the long-term drop in the temperature of the earth’s surface and the atmosphere; the reduction in the temperature of the earth surface and its atmosphere resulted in the expansion of the ice sheets in the continents, polar and in the alpine. These periods had too many cold climates, and it was called glaciations, which means the presence of too much ice sheets within the northern and the southern hemispheres.
Most likely some countries are still experiencing the ice age period since there is the existence of Greenland and the Antarctic ice sheets as expressed Leeman (860). In the last few million years, the ice age has been used to refer to the extensive cold periods that the people in North American and the Eurasian continents experience. Due to this, the most recent ice age experienced in the last 20000 years ago.
A glacier is a big body of ice that is in motion, and it is formed on land. Glaciers do transport materials as they move while carving and sculpting the earth during its movement. As they move, the lower layers of the ice melt and materials are deposited, this is called till Cooper, William S., and Richard Foster (470). As a glacier retreats all the materials in the glacier are deposited and placed in a new location far from where it came. Glaciers are the cause for i…

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