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Given Scenario

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Organization Intergenerational Conflicts
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Generation Y comprises of people born between 1979 and 1999 and is often referred to as the millennials. This generation has received enormous attention in the society as compared to other generations due to the unique traits associated with it. The generation represents the youngest workgroup in today’s organizations. Some stereotypes have labeled Generation Y as young individuals who are broke yet spend the little they have on luxuries. Additionally, they have been depicted this generation as disrespectful, egocentric and the least motivated group in the workplace who do not shoulder responsibility and also produce low quality work in comparison to their colleagues from other generations. This has brought about concern especially in the workplace where this generation has often been at loggerheads with the management and older colleagues.
Other characteristics that are associated with millennials include their ability to juggle different tasks simultaneously and frequently ask for feedback on their progress from their seniors and supervisors. They prefer to work in teams and with a scheduled structure mostly because this is what they have been exposed to throughout their life, i.e., scheduled structures from preschool and teamwork from soccer teams and group discussions in classwork. Changes effected by this generation in the workplace are being attributed to their “can-do attitude,” need for f…

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