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Geology Case study

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Environmental Mindfulness
Mindfulness means being aware of your feelings, bodily senses, responsibilities, thoughts, and the environment around. Therefore, environmental mindfulness is the consciousness of the need to protect, conserve, and control environmental pollution for the well-being of the flora and fauna contained in it. In this essay, major emphasis will be on the marine environment and the habitats that support marine life. The marine environment includes salty water bodies such as seas, oceans, and even lakes.
The mission is to create a sustainable marine ecosystem which includes coral reefs, lagoons, salt marshes, mangroves, estuaries, the deep sea, intertidal zones, and the seafloor. The above is aimed at sufficiently supporting the coastal habitats since plant life sustains animal life concurrently. For example, coral reefs offer food and housing to the topmost ranks of marine ranges in the world.
Various efforts can be employed to effectively conserve ocean life and other marine dependents. Use of plastic products is highly discouraged because plastic debris is responsible for entangling and eventual annual death of many marine animals. Recommended alternatives to plastics are the use of reusable products such as reusable water bottles, reusable shopping bags, reusable food containers, and recycling always. Of great importance are the education and sensitization of oneself and the community about the need f…

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