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The Cult of Busyness
Looking at the first two paragraphs, the author of the articles gives the main recount on experience. In this genre, the target audience is the busy parents and the people attending. The purpose of this genre is intertwined, and this makes the author develop and establish her main motives to the readers. In addition, the purpose is not clear because the readers are not sure if it is mocking them. At the end of the essay, it is fair that the main idea is shedding light to the cult of busyness. The real purpose of her essay comes at the end as the reader is left to wonder: ‘is the busyness that fills our lives worth what we lose in the process and time of being busy (Ehrenreich, 10).
The arrangement of the essay reflects the main events. The tone is creative since it notifies the main theme being portrayed. In addition, the arrangement of the topic sentences is clear indication of 3- 9 patterns. Each paragraph starts with a strong statement followed by information she uses as examples or proof to support the statement. This opinion piece is just that, as the writer does not cite any published research or consult outside sources for quotes (Ehrenreich, 9).
The author captures her target audience through the persuasive approach. This is developed when the writer knows that the audience has a clear purpose. However, the author maintains her appeal to busy people working and knows who they are. This brings the rea…

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