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Genogram for my Family
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My family tree can be traced back from my maternal great-great-grandparents, Charlie Fleming and Georgia Hughes who lived in Wharton, TX and were Native Americans. They practiced farming till their demise and had only one child, my maternal great-grandmother, Mollie Adams who was born in 1923. She never got married but had one child in her teenage years, Lena Carter who was born in 1939. Lena Carter was passionate about nursing and trained to be one. She got engaged in her career without any signs of bearing a child until her mother persuaded her to bear her a grandchild. She gave in to the pressure and bore my mother, Debbie Hughes in 1961. My mother spent most her years with her grandmother since her mum had to work for many hours to earn more money for sustenance. Lena Carter got many transfers in her workplace. She was forced to relocate to Corpus Christi in TX to make it easier for her to commute to work since both her part-time and full-time jobs were in that area. She moved with all her relatives because they all depended on her income; apart from what they earned from selling groceries, they grew on their backyard.My mother went to school in Corpus Christi where she met with my father, Willie Boyd whose native area was Huston, TX. My father lived with his mother Lollie Boyd who is a single parent and she conceived my father when she was in Africa on a business holiday. Although she did not confirm that my grandf…

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