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Issues Faced by Men and Women in Tale of Genji
Tales of Genji illustrate various issues that affect men and women in society. The problems related to family problems, ranks, and social challenges.
The world in the Tales of Genji is male-dominated. The government officials comprise of male leaders except for few offices that have been given to women. The men studied serious subjects such as moral philosophy. Professional and private life was reserved for men. The women of tale remained indoors with little traveling. The women did not want unrelated men to gaze on them. Men resorted into spying on women. Kaimami was “peering through a crack” to get a glimpse of a woman. Other men glimpse at the women through curtains, fences, and shutters because they have been denied a chance to see women. Men are more licensed to attain more sexual satisfaction women. Women are required to enhance conservative standards with in-depth conviction. The tale portrays that no woman from a reputable family could willingly agree to have the first intercourse. The direction to have intercourse was directed from someone with authority in the family such as the father (Shikibu 53).
Rank played an important role in a relationship between a man and a woman. A man was free to approach any female servant in his household. Genji ranks below Utsusemi, but Genji approaches her. Kiritsubo portrays how sexual ranks affects women in society. …

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