Genius…Innovation (Chap 21)

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Genius…Innovation (Chap 21)

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Innovative Leadership
Leadership innovation is the ability to merge different styles of leadership so as to influence the employees to be more creative (Zivkovic 433). This kind of leadership, as research establishes, has various impacts on the aspects of communication and organizational planning, and for such leadership to take place, the organization requires an innovative leader (Utami & Maulani 420). Organizations need to have new innovations to stay competitive in their fields, which has resulted in new leadership roles. Leaders are required to nature and foresee the success of new creations. This study analyses effects of leadership innovation, and its impact on communication and organizational planning. It also gives a crimination of the same.
Leaders in a company usually put together a team to work on a certain project or an innovation and by doing this, they ensure that every person’s voice is heard (Bass & Others 16). Such an arrangement requires constant communication among the members to ensure that they have similar opinions and has an impact on organizational planning (Krog & Others 55). The mentioned teams bring people to work together and foster a sense of belonging to the organization, hence an impact on the organizational planning. Formation of such teams fosters a healthy competition amongst the members (Moon 24). However, the critique in this aspect is that, if they are left to work together for l…

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