Genetics and Behavior

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Genetics and Behavior

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Sociocultural Psychology
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Sociocultural Psychology
Question 1
For years, psychologists have tried to describe the cause of human behavior in relation to how people behave and interact with other people in the society. The sociocultural perspective has been used in this case to provide a detailed analysis of the root of human behavior in response to the social and cultural factors surrounding them.
Question 2
Sociocultural psychology is a branch of human psychology meant to help one understand human behavior and their reaction to their surrounding especially the rules defining their social relationships and social groups. Sociocultural perspective reveals the ability of one’s social group and surrounding to affect how the people behave. Some of the social groups and surrounding, in this case, include gender, social class, race, ethnicity, and cultural background.
An example is a comparison between a poor and a rich child educational background. In each case, the child is exposed to different environments governed by different set of rules. According to Markus & Hamedani (2007), the environment one is subjected to throughout their childhood development influences their thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. When children are born, they are considered to have the same mindset. As they grow up, they are subject to different ideologies, culture, and moral laws hence the difference in the behavior of a child from a low-income family and ano…

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