Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering is a controversial field of biology that has made major studies in current times with even further developments anticipated in the future. As a branch of biotechnology, genetic engineering comprises of techniques that enable the altering of an organism’s genetic makeup. The techniques facilitate the transfer of genes across and within species attaining improved traits in organisms. It is accomplished by incorporating recombinant DNA formed by isolating molecules from multiple sources and combining into a single DNA molecule. The foreign DNA can also be artificially synthesized. The new DNA is interleaved into a host organism to manipulate the genetic combination of its cells as desired. Genetic engineering also involves the removal or knocking out of DNA molecules to eliminate inferior traits or correcting genetic errors to engineer modified organisms. The gene transfer and editing have allowed for genetically modified livestock, crops and model organisms marking a major accomplishment in science. However, the field has generated divisive opinions about the benefits against the potentials risks and also the ethical concerns. The fears stem from the theory that genetic engineering might bolster unfavorable traits into organisms.
The article “Genetically Modified Plants and Human Health” addresses the benefits and major concerns regarding genetically modified organisms’ impact on h…

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