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1.The hypothesis that Meselson and Stahl were explaining in their experiment is the semi-constructive hypothesis which talked about two strands of a DNA molecule that’s usually separate in the process of replication. There were various parts of the test. E.coli was grown in a media containing NH4Cl. There was a part where the DNA hauled out sporadically and compared to pure nitrogen isotopes. Then there was a part where he was sampling cells as replication continued. The alternatives were the constructive hypothesis and dispersive hypothesis.
2.One of the primary reasons as to why E. Coli was an excellent choice for the experiment is because it is one of the most studied and well-understood organisms. Therefore it was easy to use and understand the reactions that were to take place thus being suitable. E.coli can as well survive outside the body. That means that it can withstand under variable conditions. Another purpose of its utilization is that it is single-celled. It can grow and multiply rapidly. Naturally occurring strains of E.coli are harmless. Furthermore, they can be genetically manipulated.
3. Meselson and Stahl learned that DNA replication was semiconservative thus supporting the Watson and Cricks hypothesis. Their discovery would have helped explain why new double-threads DNA is comprising of one strand from the previous helix.
4. Another process in which DNA can change its structure without lo…

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