Gender Stereotyping

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Gender Stereotyping

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Gender Stereotypes in Rapunzel
Rapunzel is a German fairy tale published by the Grimm Brothers and dates back to the 1800s. The story revolves around a female character known as Rapunzel. She was born to a woman and a man who sold her to an enchantress after making a deal in exchange for a rampion flower (Authorama). This old tale highlights the theme of love through the main character Rapunzel and a prince. However, through a more critical analysis of the story, there are several hints of gender stratification that is brought on by culture. This essay aims to explore cultural issues such as gender stereotypes.
This story is a good representation of how children tales have incorporated the ideology of gender stratification. The main character is female. However, she is depicted as a damsel in distress. Consequently, a prince is expected to be the hero and rescue her. Blair et al. (133) argue that culture contributes significantly to the meaning audiences attach to gender. This argument holds true in the Rapunzel fairytale since because of culture, a female is expected to weak and utterly dependent on a male. According to the fairy tale, the man and woman give away their child to the evil enchantress who locks her up in a tower. The author writes that “Rapunzel, in her solitude passed time by letting her sweet voice resound” (Authorama). In this case, the author makes it seem like Rapunzel was incapable of finding a way to escape the to…

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