Gender sexual studies

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Gender sexual studies

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Gender Sexual Studies
The gay identity remains a serious discussion in the postmodern world. Research shows the presence of two gene variants common in gay men. However, the idea of ‘gay genes’ is complex. Queer, feminist and post-structuralist theories have enabled researchers to find a new approach to health practices and sexual identities in the post-AIDS era. Numer and Gahagan (156) argue that it is imperative that sexual health efforts take into consideration sexual orientation, gender and sex intersections. The theoretical frameworks, therefore, have to challenge the existing social structures.
In their paper Numer and Gahagan (158) discuss the role of feminist, poststructuralist and queer theories. They argue that feminist theories are geared towards promoting equity in society while poststructuralist theories are a response to the structuralist theories that reject foundational ways of thinking. On the other hand, Queer theories seek to disrupt the normality of sexual acts and imperium genders by challenging compulsory heterosexuality. Health promotion approaches must address the identities they create. It is therefore essential for policies and programs to be designed in a manner that informs gay men to practice safe sex.
There is a need for a holistic strategy to gay men’s health. Despite several tensions and ambiguities that are evident in the search for ‘gay genes,’ critical realism and agential realis…

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