Gender Discrimination

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Gender Discrimination

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Gender discrimination

Gender discrimination
Any society has to make sure that any member living within it is equally taken care off and feel equal to other members. Just like any other society, America too has this dream that all its citizens have an equal opportunity regardless of the gender status. As the country assumes to live by its dream, the big question remains if the country is achieving its intention of equal opportunity for all. The answer to this question is a big no since some groups of individuals feel they have been left behind especially due to gender discrimination. In its perception, gender discrimination tends to isolate some individual groups because they either belong to one gender or the other. Even though some individuals may believe that there are improvements in gender discrimination, the truth is that gender discrimination is still a huge problem in modern society through different aspects like mortality inequality, work-force inequality, and even inequality within the household.
The issue of gender discrimination seems to have gotten the attention of the federal government itself, and it has mitigated several ways of curbing the menace that seems to be spreading like fire. As a reaction, the government seems to have enacted and implemented some of the policies like globalization that will see resources, work and other things being shared equally. However, even with these policies, the federal government…

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