Gender discrimination in trades

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Gender discrimination in trades

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Gender discrimination in trades

Gender discrimination in trades
It has been a norm that the society which we exist in and our cultural practices tend to examine different situations and distinct them on the gender basis. The perception cuts across various sectors whose players involve both men and women. The trade is one of the prominently dominated by the stereotypes and inequality that is based on the gender. It is possible to find various categories within the area of trade where men inherently belong and female belong. In most cases, trades perceived as those that require skills are dominantly occupied by men whereas the trades perceived to require little or no skills are taken up by women. The gender discrimination in trades has been depicted in many countries, and many of them have taken up drastic steps to try and reduce the gap in trade between men and women. On such a good example is in Canada where the gender inequality in trade sector had overwhelmed, and all efforts have been put in place to evict the ill-intended culture.
When it comes to trades, women have been treated as less human being where they have been denied access to better employment like their male counterparts. And in cases where few women have been employed, most have been paid very little (Simms, 2008). One reason that has contributed to the low payment to the women is that most have not been given access to better education like men which forces them to end up engaging in…

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