Gender and Sexism

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Gender and Sexism

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Gender and Sex
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Gender and sex
Homosexuality is referred to as sexual attraction and emotional feelings of people from the same gender. A transvestite is on the other hand related to the gays. A transvestite is any sex be it male or female who dresses opposite of their sex, if it is a girl she wears as a man and if it is a man he dresses as a girl and they feel it more comfortable cross-dressing.
Ella is being faced with the challenge of convincing her friend Sara that she is not gay or tranny (Giami, 2015). She is trying to convince Sara that despite her having many of her clothes being a guy she is not gay. She swallows hard as she tells sera that she admits she feels better when she is among guys, and she would be more comfortable if she were born as a guy.
Gender dysphoric is distress faced by people due to their birth gender or sex. The gender that one was born with differs by their actions since they tend to act as the opposite sex of their birth sex (Zucker, Lawrence, & Kreukels, 2016). The transvestic disorder also referred to cross-dressing is when someone gets to dress as the opposite sex to get sexually aroused. Homosexuality differs from transvestic and gender dysphoric in that there is an emotional and sexual attraction of people of the same gender.
In conclusion, Ella feels that a surgical process to transform her into a guy would help her feel comfortable. She has the interest to get the surgery, but on the othe…

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