Gatsby Ch. 2

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Gatsby Ch. 2

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I got surprised by the considerable gap in appearance; Buchanan’s live in a high-class neighborhood that is large and expensive. The valley of ashes is described as grey and with “spasms of miserable dust” (Scott 26). The business conducted by Wilson is said to be, “unprosperous and unadorned; the only car observable was the ford covered by dust and stopped in a dim corner” (Scott 28). The business of Wilson is poor, and he stays in a miserable place. The place is different from chapter 1 in that it is unfortunate and it is worse in the monetary situation while the other area is luxurious and decorative.
Myrtle has changed her behavior since she feels like she is no longer poor, having Tom in her life is like she does not live in the valley of ashes. With Tom in her life, she changed her characters and became proud. Myrtle expects some respect or alterations to her social status. She also wants a whole change in her life.
According to the novel, Tom is cheating on Daisy with Wilson’s wife. They both lie to Mr. Wilson who has no idea that his wife is cheating on him. She lies that she is with her sister. Every person that it’s best for her. Nick is unethical because he keeps everything, he goes with what people, and he is unreliable.
According to the novel, Tom is rude and therefore he is not admirable at all. When McKees were talking about taking pictures of Myrtle he yawned loudly. Tom is an irrespective man especially to Myrtle since…

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