Gantt Charts and PERT

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Gantt Charts and PERT

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Gantt Charts and PERT
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Part One
Strengths of Gantt Chart
It is used to create a picture of complexity in a project. The complex ideas are created in pictures thereby making it easy to understand.
It indicated that the project manager knows what she/he is doing.
It makes it easy for one to set a realistic time frame for the project (Williams, 2017).
It is highly visible. The visibility of the charts is a reminder of the objectives of the project.
The Gantt charts require a constant update when the project is being done.
The size of bars used doesn’t show the amount of work done.
It’s not easy to display the chart on a sheet of paper. The chats can only be viewed on a computer screen with the software used to make the charts.
The Gantt chart is extraordinarily complex when doing a larger project.
In case of any mistake made when making the chart, one has to start afresh.
Strengths of PERT
The fact that it is made before the start of the project helps in determining the time and scope of the project.
It indicates the relationship between activities (Williams, 2017).
It helps in managing the task to be accomplished in the project.
It gives direction to be followed when doing the project regarding of steps.
It mainly estimates the time allocation for every task which in actual sense is not accurate.
It is used in larger projects in most cases.
In my opinion, however, I would prefer the use of PERT to Ga…

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