Funding College and Summer Classes

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Funding College and Summer Classes

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Funding College and Summer Classes
There is a dire need for college and summer classes to be funded by the government and other relevant bodies. Education is important as it equips an individual with the knowledge needed to navigate the world. A college education gives one the opportunity to get a degree which gives the person higher chances of landing a decent well-paying job. A career is important as it enables one practice skills they learnt in school as well as earn a living and improve their quality of life overall. Summer schools are also important as they help a person grow all round by encouraging socialization and learning about the culture. At summer, there is also a chance to learn several life skills which are important in our day to day lives. University summer classes also help students enrich and advance their knowledge further as well as acquire extra credits.
Funding college and summer school would give equal opportunities to all students. This would be especially to those from low-income families who are bright but cannot afford to attend college or summer classes due to financial problems. College education in the U.S is becoming increasingly expensive for low-income families to afford (Goldrick-Rab, 2010). Many students even from middle class can also not afford summer classes, and most don’t attend since it is optional. If students from low-income families can get funding to attend college and get a …

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