functional Amatomy

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functional Amatomy

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The cervical spine is separated into two different regions Cervicoencephalic (C0 to C2) and Cervicobrachial (C3- C7). List 5 symptoms that are consistent with injuries to the C0- C2 region of the spine
Serious back pain
Loss of sensation in hands and fingers
Loss of bladder
Can an upper cervical spine injure C0- C2 cause cranial nerve dysfunctions? Yes/No
Yes. Cranial nerve dysfunction is caused by any nerves malfunction injuries, tumors, infections, inadequate blood supply and inflammation. Therefore it is evident that cervical spine injuries C0-C2can cause cranial nerve dysfunction
Compare and contrast characteristics of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae:
• All the vertebrae consists of a bone
• They have a function of supporting the body
• They protect the spinal cord
• They are separated by discs called intervertebral discs
• Cervical spine has smaller bones
• Thoracic spine has larger bones than cervical
• The lumbar has larger bones but only in the spine.
Cervical spine is made of smaller bones as compared to thoracic. The small bones help in supporting head weight. On the other hand, the thoracic spines have larger bones which provide a framework in protecting the inner organs.
What is a Vertebral Artery Sign and when would you perform this test? Include in your answer common symptoms of vertebral artery …

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