Freud’s Theory of Personality

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Freud’s Theory of Personality

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Sigmund Freud proposed a theory that argues that individual behavior is a product of the interaction of three mechanisms in the human mind which are id, ego, and the superego. Personal behavior is a product of the interaction between the three components which people do not have control over. These interactions that give rise to individual behavior do occur through five separate psychosexual periods of growth. The balance attained after the unknown adverse interactions among the three concepts determine how people behave and how they view the world. The id is the impulse part; the superego always tells an individual what is right or wrong to do and lastly the ego is the part that gives an individual the chance to compromise. Every person has a desire, but it is the balanced attained after the subconscious relations among the id, ego, and superego that determine how people behave (Freud & Freud, 2001).
Freud viewed the id like the most fundamental part of the three components and it is mainly concerned with impulse fulfillment of basic bodily needs and desires. The id operates on an individual’s conscious state. The id explains why people get desires when they see what other people are doing; one good example is you saw someone eating an apple you would also want to have the fruit without having to consider the owner whether a stranger or a someone you know. The id does not care about other people; all it wants i…

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