Freezing Liquids

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Freezing Liquids

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Freezing Liquids

Freezing Liquids
According to Bonat, Ghanem, and Brooks (2016), freezing is the transition of liquids to solids when the temperature of the fluid is dropped below its freezing point. It can also be denoted as solidification. Different fluids have different freezing and melting points while putting at similar temperatures but others have the same transition from liquid to solid temperatures. Various scientists have conducted experiments using different fluids to see how changes in temperature affect their development from fluids to solids. One of the tests used water as the cold liquid and observed the differences during the experiment period. Another experiment involved the pouring of hot water on ice, and the results were recorded (Seetapan, Limparyoon, Fuongfuchat, Gamonpilas and Methacanon, 2016). All these operations explain the freezing of liquids and factors which affect freezing points. The question is therefore relevant to give readers an explanation of how temperatures affect the freezing of fluids.
Steps in the experimental procedure
In the first step, you fill different jars with the same level of water. Do not fill them too much to make them easily portable and put a thermometer in one of the vessels and record the temperature of the clear liquid. The liquids should all have similar starting temperature. In the second step, you should add sodium chloride in the fluid until it becomes saturated (Bonat, Ghanem, and …

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