Freedom of religion

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Freedom of religion

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Level: High School

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Student’s Name
Research paper outline
Topic: The freedom of Religion from the early Constitution
1. Introduction (2-3 paragraphs)
The Abstract
Research Methodology:
Model of research
Literature Review:
Scope and Limitations
Consequences of the Study
Thesis Statement: Even though freedom of religion plays an essential function in the U.S., it still lacks in some states.
List of Abbreviations (if there be any)
Definition of key words: Freedom, Religion, Amendment
2.1. Body Section I (4-6 Paragraphs)
Background information: The starting statement should be one that catches the reader’s attention at a glance. Did the early constitution include Freedom of Religion as one of the human rights? If yes, explain how it worked. If no, explain why it was excluded.
Why should we be concerned?
Who are the most affected group? Examples, testimonies and factual information according to the interviews and questionnaires’ responses collected.
2.2. Body Section II (3-4 Paragraphs)
Consequences: Because of the stated problem this happened.
Eminent problem: What will have happened if the problem was not addressed?
2.3. Body Section III (1-3 Paragraphs)
Recommendations: What worked? What did not work? Oppositions encountered may there be any?
Who are the opposing team?
And why the opposition?
3. Conclusion (1-2 paragr…

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