Freedom of Expression and Sedition Paper’s choice

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Freedom of Expression and Sedition Paper’s choice

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Freedom of Expression and Sedition
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It is part of human nature to invent new ways to inflict pain on one another. Speech has been recognized as one of the main ways through which people hurt one another. According to the supreme court of the US, speech remains protected by the First Amendment. An exception to this is if the communication remained traditionally unprotected. Based on this law, a lot of harm can be done without any legal remedy. This has been experienced through revenge pornography. Revenge pornography involves posting on public media sexually explicit images as a way of achieving revenge against an ex-lover. This subjects the victim to embarrassment, harassment, sexual assault threats, and stalking. It also affects the ability of the victim to secure a decent job or school. This essay focuses on recent developments on “Freedom of Expression and Sedition” and the effects on the first amendment.
Several states have laws that prohibit revenge pornography. Their constitutionality is, however, questionable because they restrict speech based on its content which is invalid. Though there are exceptions to content-based restrictions, it has been held by the court that actions such as child pornography, threats, criminal conspiracies, criminal solicitations, political incitement, obscenity, private figure defamation, and threats are not protected by the first amendment. (Calvert, 2013). These exceptions are however …

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