Free trade vs. Fairtrade

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Free trade vs. Fairtrade

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Global trade liberalization seemed to be a solution to the high-priced commodity market as it encourages competition among produces. Despite this, some still oppose such market autonomy and as a result, fair trade was introduced with intentions of safeguarding the producer from industrial countries. Albeit it seemed a good idea cooperate started using it as a disguise and exercised less than fair practice. Employing an analytical view of fair trade vs. free trade this discussion will infer which one is better. Through the struggle for ecological sustenance and commercial coexistence, numerous trade policies have been developed in regard to globalization (Hebert, 2016). The objective of these policies is to reduce tariff burdens on importers. However, this raised ethical value questions,s and thus fair trade was introduced.

Free trade implies trade liberalization with no interference from the government in the form of tariffs, regulations, taxes or quotas (Fridell, 2012). This practice allows producers to manufacture, yield and sell their products in and outside their domestic frontiers. Free trade presents numerous benefits to the consumers because with increased competition from within and outside the domestic producer are only left with one option in order to survive and that is to produce a high-quality product at affordable prices. This implies that the consumers have freedom to choose from a variety in the market. Despite the benefits of consumer free trade leads to mon…

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