Franz Kafka ” The Metamorphosis”

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Franz Kafka ” The Metamorphosis”

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The metamorphosis is a tale by Franz Kafka about a terrible fate suffered by Gregor Samsa one morning that changes all their lives completely. Gregor is a sales person whose career involves a lot of traveling and a few enemies. Gregor has to take the early morning train at seven to arrive at work in time. He misses the train that prompts the manager to come looking for him under the pretense of accusations laid to him by a colleague. Gregor on the other hand wakes up like a real human size bug. This circumstance greatly confuses Gregor to a point where he decides to sleep in the hope of waking up from the horrible dream. He eventually has to live with the change and tries to confront the manager who in turn flees the building in horror. Gregor being the breadwinner puts the family in a peculiar position with very limited resources. The tale shows a very explicit reality of events that we can’t control taking over our lives and thus leaving us helpless in tackling them. Gregor seems to have a problem letting people help him which acts as a disadvantage on his side given the peril he is in.
The tale invokes a lot of thought on the theme of change and the institution of the family. The title metamorphosis clearly represents a change Gregor’s life that in turn forces the whole family to change and adapt into. The institution of the family is also tested due to the status Gregor…

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