Frankenstein 2

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Frankenstein 2

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Looking at the images of the inanimate, living creature that is Frankenstein, a lot of them are exciting and carry a lot of information that is wildly reminiscent of general happenings in society. Mary Shelly says about William that he was quite proud of his creation Frankenstein, which had taken him approximately two years to animate. Some pictures accurately paint themes in society such as love, determination, betrayal, and correction. On the contrary, others do not seem to carry any vital message apart from the fact that they are just impressive to behold. Two of Frankenstein’s images that interested me are described below.

This image shows a man who is in a black jacket. His left eye and the mouth have major surgeries, he looks disturbed and probably something terrible could have happened to him. The image well captures Shelly’s statement that; “His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath.” (Moreno 17) This is because, from the image, scars are visible and apparently portraying arteries beneath his skin. The image depicts some themes that are always seen in the society which include correction, revenge, love, and sickness. It is a representative of people who see something, hear it and keep transmitting the information without maintaining the secrets attached to it. As a mechanism of correction, their mouths and eyes are dismantled. With this, they are meant to know that keeping secrets is key to life (Rosenthal et al. 214)….

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