Franco-Prussian War

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Franco-Prussian War

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The Franco-Prussian war
The Franco-Prussian war, also referred to as the Franco-German war, was one in which Germany defeated France. The two nations were rivalries, and that was the perfect ingredient for their battle. Before the war, France dominated all Europe in terms of power while Prussia had immense power among most of the Germany states. Prussia had won so many fights that led to the creation of Germany. Therefore, the war between his nation and France was just a culmination of several won battles.
The Franco-Prussian war such a pivotal point in European history since it marked the end of France’s dominance in the Europe continent. Moreover, the war was responsible for creating a unified Germany. Prussia had defeated Austria in a seven week’s battle in 1866, and this confirmed his leadership of states of Germany. France also felt threatened by Prussia’s success. The reason behind the Franco-Prussian was an Ems telegram edited by Otto Von Bismarck so that it sounded provocative. France would then call for war, and this was the intention of Bismarck. French was also threatened by the unity between Spain and Germany against them.
Nationalism is the expression of one’s love for their nation and the will to defend it at all costs. The methods of solidifying nationalism are through means such as politics and culture. Economic and social processes can also promote nationalism (Kaithlyn 14). When a country is…

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