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Franchise Business Model
Franchise business model is one of the commercial strategies that has gained popularity in U.S and other parts of the world. This approach makes it possible for one to adapt to a competitive business environment as there exist already established brands and company names that markets the products. It has advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. It is therefore recommended to employ franchise model at the start of a business. Its success has been manifested in many places as discussed in the paper. Ideally it is the only pathway to acquire wealth to some of the entrepreneurs. The paper also reviews the relationship between the corporation and the franchise stores and further advice on which store is the best to start up the business. The article examined the payment in franchising and realized that the franchisors as the most beneficiaries of the outcome of this model.
A franchise is a definite term that describes the type of license and long term corporation that exist between the two entities. These objects include the franchisor and a franchisee. In this situation, there is the explicit agreement in which the franchisor offers a licensed privilege to a franchisee to perform/operate the business under their name (Spinelli et al 134). What is important here is that the franchisor provides room/rights for the Franchisee to develop new concepts, use the trade marks/names a…

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