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History of French
Series of events in the modern countries started a long time ago. The French Revolution began a long time ago from 1789 to around 1790s, and during this revolution period, the citizens of French tried and redesigned their political landscape whereby they aimed at doing away with the old institutions such as the absolute monarchy and the feudal system of government (Wilson, 1994). Enlightenment ideals inclined this revolution and more so the concept of inalienable rights and sovereignty.
As much as the revolution failed, it played a critical role in shaping modern nations as it showed the world the kind of power that exists in the will of the people. The aims of this paper are giving some of the events that took place in French from the year 1814 to date. This took place during the period after Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba. It also concentrates on the events that took place after Louis XVIII was placed on the throne (Wilson, 1994). It is going to explain the past activities concerning economic, social and political events that took place in the France for the last 200 years. These events are seemed to be responsible for the modern French. Napoleon escaped in March from Elba and rallied the French citizens behind him and reentered the capital city of France. These activities made Louis XVIII run away before he was later crushed by the British and Prussian forces in the middle of the same year…

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