Four Major Trends in Health Psychology

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Four Major Trends in Health Psychology

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Increasing Cost of Healthcare
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Increasing Cost of Healthcare
Out of the major healthcare trends in the United States, the ever-increasing costs of healthcare in the country stands out as the most important when the future of healthcare is taken into consideration. The significant increases in the recent past have got government leaders very much concerned due to the fact that the costs are becoming extremely high in the US compared to other developed countries in the world. Grasso (2017) reports that healthcare costs are increasing in every other country in the world, the main drivers being the aging population as well as technological advances. He adds that no country has experienced very high costs of healthcare as the US where healthcare takes up 18% of the country’s GDP. The trend of rising healthcare costs takes centre stage in the films “Unnatural Causes” produced by Rutenbeck (2008) and “Money-Driven Medicine,” by Fredericks (2009).
The film “Unnatural Causes” produced by Rutenbeck (2008) explores the contribution of social determinants of health in the creation of health disparities and inequalities in the US. The film has its basis in in-depth research conducted by academicians, medical practitioners as well a public health experts. From the film, one gets to learn that the US spends approximately $ 2 trillion every other year on medical care. This is a relatively high amount of money compared to what other…

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