Formulating A Research Question

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Formulating A Research Question

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Formulating a Research Question
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Formulating a Research Question
Developing a good research question is essential for any research. Good research questions allow the researcher as well as the users of data to resonate with the subject being studied. The questions also help in meeting the study objectives and they make it easier to conduct a comprehensive analysis. From the Sessions episode discussing a drunk girl who is in the company of two boys who may rape her two research questions can be formulated. The first question is ‘What is the most common behavior of sex predators?’ The second research question could be ‘What motivates sexual predators in a campus setting?’
To understand predatory behavior, one must understand the common characteristics of sexual predators. Most rapists are driven by the power they have over their victims (Lisak, 2011) and they possess false mental stereotypes about how women behave (Lisak, 2002). In the episode, for example, Eric is trying to dominate over Talia in a bid to lure her into sleeping with him. The research question ‘What is the most common behavior of sex predators?’ can help in the development of new knowledge for social work since society tends to think that most rapists are only motivated by the sexuality of their victim. Consequently, this question could lead to more research on better interventions since victims and society can be advised on how to deal with such occurrences. As a…

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