Formula Analysis on either 2 Commercials or Movies

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Formula Analysis on either 2 Commercials or Movies

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Formula Analysis
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Formula analysis of movies
Movies come in different genres with different stories tailored for a particular market niche. The creation of movies has always been a lucrative billion dollar industry. However, despite the fortunes that come from the industry, some movies engage the societal issues through themes on the contemporary problems of the society. Selecting two movies to make a formula analysis brings an opportunity to make a comparative analysis of the various elements visible in the modern plot formulation of films. I have selected the following movies: The gangster squad and Law Abiding Citizen.
Comparison of the formulas
Using the grid for Formula analysis, it is possible to note down the pattern between the two movies. Both movies follow the action/adventure formula and a similar plot of vengeance through blood bath violence. We have a group of five dedicated heroes in gangster squad determined to stop mickey’s reign. Law Abiding Citizen has its hero, Detective Rice, who struggles to stop the killings through every mean. The setting of both movies is in an area full of violence with the emphasis on lawlessness. In Law Abiding Citizen, Clyde engages in a vengeance mission despite the court ruling. He violently kills the perpetrators who directly and indirectly were involved in his wife’s death, with fewer regards to the law of the land. Similarly, gangster squad is full of violence and lawless…

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