Formal Science Character Analysis Essay

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Formal Science Character Analysis Essay

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Week 9.
Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) refers to a well-connected system which enables signals to be distributed privately and be accessible by specific people. Even though the primary benefit of this system is security, CCTV is used in other important ways (Smith, 1). For instance, CCTV is used to capture motion pictures and record them for future use. For the case of the workplace, it is used to keep track of the number and type of visitors who enter the building and record the operations that take place in the office. The system is also used during decision making. When there are organizational disputes such as employee feuds, the footage from this system is used to find the truth (Draper, 1). In this case, the system is used to collect evidence and make the right decision.
The major limitation of CCTV systems is that they only capture a specific area. They cannot capture the entire environment. The second limitation is that wireless systems use frequency to receive and send signals. As such, in areas where the signal is poor, the system will fail to work accordingly (Heather 1). The system limits privacy in the workplace. Organizations with CCTV cameras make employees uncomfortable. Since employees are aware that they are being monitored, they tend to pretend while carrying out their operations (Bridle, 1). This affects their behavior and productivity since they do not present themselves free…

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