Form and Function: Lungs

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Form and Function: Lungs

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Form and Function of Lungs
Form and Function: Lungs
The organ chosen is the lungs which allow to transfer oxygen to the bloodstream from the environment. The location of the lungs is in the chest on either side of the heart which is used in pumping blood, makes it easy for the blood to enter and leave for oxygen transportation. Also, their location behind the rib cage facilitates the pumping since lungs have no muscles to pump, but rib cage does. The base of the lungs is flatter where they meet with the diaphragm which powers most of the breathing work (Newman, 2018). Lungs are bellow-like shaped that allows that to expand and contract. The expansion enables the sucking of the air to allow oxygen to be taken up while the contraction enables pushing back of the carbon dioxide during the exhalation process. The lungs are surrounded by pulmonary pleurae, the two membranes whose function involves protection of the heart in some collision (European Environment Agency, 2018). Also, the immunoglobulin A contained in the membranes protect various infections. Thus, there is a need to ensure that the right air is breathed in for better functioning of the lungs.
The particular organ system is the respiratory system. This organ system works hand in hand with the lungs to ensure the bloodstream receives oxygen. The system allows the transportation of air into the lungs as well as the Oxygen diffusion facilitation into the bloodstream (Simon, Dickey, Hogan, & R…

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