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Sensory integration and processing
The example of a client that can suit the sensory integration and processing is an individual who has a hearing problem, and due to the hearing problem, that individual cannot maintain the body balance. Such clients need to be dealt with under the category of the Sensory integration and processing.
Motor control and motor learning frame
The motor control and motor learning frame, however, applies to patients who have undergone brain injury due to an accident that occurred to them. The accident that interferes with their part of the brain that is responsible for motioning and also balance during the motion. Such patient should be trained on how to adapt to the motion and how to maintain balance.
Psychodynamic frames
Finally, the psychodynamic frames apply to psychological drives for example when a client has the drive to use the illicit drugs, s/he should undergo through the psychodynamic frames so that s/he gets the sense of the reasons why the drugs should not take control of him/her most of the times.
One of the clients that I work with that can get the benefits of Sensory integration and processing approach is an elderly woman who has lost her sense of hearing and now has a difficulty to maintain the balance of her body because of the inappropriate hearing from both ears. She needs to be trained on the best ways to maintain balance even though the two ears are not functioning as…

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