Food Energy Water Nexus

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Food Energy Water Nexus

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Module # 3 Food, Energy, Water Nexus
Rapid urbanization and industrial revolution have changed the interdependent resources such as food energy and water. The water-food-energy nexus is one of the sustainable development programs aimed at addressing the rising demands of natural resources. Rapid urbanizations, increasing population and changing economic growth has increased the rates of consumption of the world’s water resources and the energy used in the production of foods and supply process. Therefore, the change in consumer behaviors has been initiated by the marketing implications on the consumer’s actions.
Ways in which the Model is incomplete
The model has presented some of the significant factors affecting the consumption behaviours of the world’s population. Dynamic changes in population range from the birthrates, number of people, and other factors such as consumption rate and productivity of agricultural land. Besides, the context has been well presented along with the need for a sustainable system to develop reliable energy in the food production process (Finley & James, 6255). However, some of the missing factors from the model include the people, landscape and ecosystem. These factors often allow the adoption of integrative models of problem-solving and decision-making strategies. The model should have also demonstrated how the elements presented cause far-reaching impacts on the ecosystem, economic, social, and politica…

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