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follow your bliss

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Follow Your Bliss
When one says “follow the bliss” it can be interpreted as living life to the fullest. When Joseph Campbell first mentioned the term “follow your bliss” he meant that one should be on the kind of track that they have admired which has been there for a while. It includes following after the fate that was meant for a person or the life that one is supposed to be living. If one follows their bliss, it means that they are enjoying the refreshment of life within which one had not been living in the past (Tebeau). When one follows their bliss, they are doing things that they are passionate about and which make them truly alive and happy. Mythologist Joseph Campbell popularized the term “follow your bliss” in the 70s, and it became a popular phrase ever since. Etymologically, the word “bliss” refers to a state of happiness and is equated to a situation where one is in a state of extreme pleasure.
Finding Joe is a documentary which focuses on Campbell’s teachings and specifically about following our bliss. It is an inspirational film by Patrick Solomon which features various diverse perspectives and has many deep reflections. In the documentary, one learns that, if one has not known their state of peace yet then they should reflect on the very unique aspect that made them different in the past (Tebeau). One understands that often, a state of contentment cannot be found in what others expect from one but from what…

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