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My inside organs pounded against my torso as I pulled my pack alongside the carpeted floor and into the hall. As I strolled into the extended corridor, I looked up and saw the sign letting me know that I could do it. My whole body could scarcely clutch itself together with the eagerness of the great, dream-come-true occasion that was about to start. I encouraged myself and whispered, “I will soon be in the clouds.” I eased back my movement so as to increasingly enjoy whatever was about to take place. Groups of individuals strolled around me as I cherished realizing that one of my major dreams was about to come true. The energy and adrenaline running through my blood vessels could have murdered a horse.
Not having the capacity to overcome such self-torment, I increased my strides by just about a run, until I had met up with the lamentably unexciting team that I was traveling with. I arrived at a curve in the passage, where I could see through the crystal frame, that which before going through provided not a clue of its presence. “I will soon be in the clouds,” I kept telling myself this. 
Soon after going past the immediate bend, I started seeing the flight attendants who were helping passengers get comfortable. Before I entered the passenger department, I instantly took a view at the crevice that was on my right-hand side. The entryway was made up of some old and rusted metal that made me feel creepy and a littl…

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