Fitness Log/Risk Survey

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Fitness Log/Risk Survey

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Fitness Log or Risk Survey
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Fitness Log or Risk Survey
Body Mass Index (BMI)
The BMI measurement provides the correlation between an individual’s weight to height. According to Institute of Medicine, Pate, Oria, and Pillsbury, BMI is a perfect measure of fatness. From the result, my BMI is 20, implying that I am healthy. This BMI value is within the national average of 18.5 and 24.9.
Sit and Reach.
The test measures the flexibility of one’s hamstring as well as that of the lower back. My sit and reach a score of 15 Inches indicates that I should work on my hamstring flexibility since it is below the national average of 18.549 inches.
Push-Up and Sit Up
The Push-Up test measures the muscular endurance of the upper body. Based on the results, I have a poor rating of 12 pushups, with the ability of 2 repetitions only. This value is 12 pushups less than the population average of 24 pushups. Surely, I need to improve my muscular endurance of my upper body. Sit up or half sit test, on the other hands, evaluates ones abdominal endurance. My value is NaN which is invalid. The national average is, on the other hands, is 22.
Vertical Jump Test.
The test measures how high one can jump or elevate off the ground on a flat foot. My vertical jump test produces a vertical leap of 10’5” inches, which is poor based on the national average for women at the age of 24 years. I need to improve my vertical because the national average …

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