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The memories of my first time to go fishing are still clear in my mind. That day, I remember waking up early in the morning to prepare myself since the previous night my father had told me that we would go for a walk with him the next day to a place he never disclosed. So as a young kid, I was eager, and I could not sleep and hence the reason for waking up early, by six I was awake. I prepared myself took my breakfast and then went to wake up my dad. He woke up, prepared himself too then we set off for the journey. On the way, I kept on asking my dad where we were going but he kept telling me to be patient as I would get my answer once we reached the place.
After walking for about thirty minutes, I realized we were heading to river Yakima. The Yakima River is found in South-Central Washington (Britannica 1). As we were approaching the river, I remembered my dad’s promise. He had promised that before the end of that year; he would teach me how to fish. He had made the promise after I had made several attempts to persuade him to teach me how to fish, in all the occasions he had declined my request but promised to teach me some day. Once we were at the river, he showed me how to prepare a hook. We then collected several worms which we used to bait our hooks. We then sat by the water and began fishing. My father caught a lot of fish, but for me, I failed in each of my attempts. I became frustrated and felt like giving up. However, my dad k…

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