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Fish Cheeks
What does Amy Tan’s mother mean when she says that your only shame is to have shame?
Amy’s mother advised her daughter that there is nothing wrong with one being different from the other people around her. She asks her daughter not to be embarrassed about being a Chinese, but instead embrace her culture and race without having any fears about what other people think. She also advises Amy that despite wanting to be like the American girls, she must always remember to remain Chinese inside (Tan 95).
Tan is very nervous about the encounter between her family and Robert’s. What do you really think she’s afraid of?
Tan was nervous because she was afraid of what Robert’s family might think about the cultures of her family. Since they were Chinese, her mother had planned to prepare the favorite Chinese foods such as the fish cheeks, squids, tofu and other dishes, which Robert’s family might find them to be strange (Tan 93). Moreover, she thinks that her mother had outdone herself by planning to cook Chinese foods that might look very strange to the visitors who were Americans (Tan 93). She is also concerned about how Robert’s family will perceive the customs and behaviors of her extended family. There are some behaviors in the Chinese culture that was considered to be acceptable and polite, but they are perceived differently by the American people. For example, at the dinner party, Amy’s father belched loudly after …

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