First Amendment

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First Amendment

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First Amendment
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Many people have viewed hate speech as an act of spearheading racial prejudice and segregation among people. It should be noted that hate speech is an act of spreading information that other people don’t want to hear. In this aspect, it is true to posit that all speeches should be free to avoid government restrictions. Hence, that will enhance liberty and freedom for every citizen. The video by Roaming Millennial explains the reasons as to why free speech should be a civil right of every individual. This is why the first amendment should protect hate speech whether it is accepted by other groups of people or not. It should be noted that free speech cannot be accepted by every individual. Hence, they term it as being hate speech to them. This essay has attempted to validate the fact that the first amendment should address and protect the concept of hate speech.
Keywords: Hate speech, free speech, first amendment
First Amendment
The first amendment comprises freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and freedom of petition. There exist various debates on whether the first amendments should cover hate speech that has been on the rise. The video by Roaming M Hate Speech or Free Speech? The Dangers of Censorship discuss concepts relating to whether the first amendments should cover hate speech. This paper depicts what should be the case as far as freedom of speech is concerned. It is in this lig…

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