Fire Department programs

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Fire Department programs

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Sustainable Fire Department Programs
The Fire Department is responsible for fire clampdown and rescue; advanced life support emergency medical services; vehicle detachment; hazardous response in materials and high angle. The Department is also responsible for ensuring confined space and swift water rescues; explosive ordnance disposal; gas well response; fire cause determination; emergency management; fire and life safety inspections; special events public safety; public health; community service; civic education; oversight of ambulance performance; and homeland security grant administration. The mission of Texas Fire Department team’s task is to meet and exceed the needs of the community, and prospects through providing high quality response to emergency, life safety and community support services (Windisch Fred and Crosby 100). There is a need for all the departments of fire to be consolidated and achieve a holistic fire prevention plan through drafting out a comprehensive plan for acquisition of fire prevention equipment for a fire prevention programs.
Goals and objectives
The general objectives of fire prevention program are to make use of the targeted initiatives and best practices and policies for the industry with the aim of fostering a safe environment. The fire prevention program is also meant to improve the quality of life and place plan, managing and maintaining public assets (Pynes 34)The broader mind of these p…

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