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Financial Analyst

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Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst
Obstetrician gynecology, a specialist who operates surgeries and medical care on women mostly in the reproductive system, is what I desired since childhood.(Danforth 2008) Though I saw it as my future career, I ended up studying International business as a financial analyst. Our neighbor was a gynecologist whose life I admired as he seemed to live a good and satisfying life. He would always encourage us to work hard in school so that we would be like him, but, later on, I changed my ambition.
The reason why I chose to pursue a career on international business is the learning, adventurers and negotiation nature of the career. As a financial analyst, I will be able to interact with different people in the corporate world in offering consultancy services and provide analysis on gathered information.(Clement & Tse2005).I love challenges and learning new things each day. This career will provide a good ground of analysis, and I will be able to run my own business without big challenges.
From my lessons I have enjoyed practical classes where we go to the field and obtain data then finally analyze it. Through going to business premises, I have interacted with different people and learned how they manage to cope up with challenges. Also, engaging people in my class and holding discussions have contributed to the expansion of my intellectual capability. Through interactions, I like getting other …

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