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Finance Admission essay

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Admission Essay: Roles, Responsibilities, and Challenges
Current Organizational Role. I presently augment the evidence-based operations of Kuwait Petroleum International; rendering my expertise and services as a Financial Analyst. Since the attainment of my Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, I have spent a decade building my capacity to conquer the disruptive environment of the global financial and capital markets. As a certified Level III CFA candidate, CVA, CAIA, and IFQ accredited professional; my current job revolves around building DCF models for acquired new joint venture plans as international assets with operations concerning various enterprises and conglomerates, especially European in origin. This also includes the handling of logistics and sales for shipping and finding customers for our downstream oils, specifically for the local market.
Responsibilities. In the centralized operations of oil and gas, within the realm of finance, both responsibilities and opportunities are numerous in number and equally intricate by nature. I am passionate about my work, which involves around enacting complex fiscal and physical operationalization of organizational interventions, including but not limiting to establishing costing standards; aggregating and eliciting benefit from operational data; providing evaluative trends and forecasts through economic models that direct ca…

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